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BPL families can no longer live in the houses, 233 houses are in ruins

Apartments built by the Housing Authority near Ratauli in Yamunanagar for those in need

Apartments built by the Housing Authority near Ratauli in Yamunanagar for those in need

Yamuna Nagar News:233 houses built by Haryana Housing Board some sixteen years ago for needy poor families near Ratauli near Sector 13 for several million rupees are gradually falling into ruins. The special thing is that only six families live in these houses. Otherwise all other houses are empty. In which no needy seeks life. If no one comes into these houses and the government pays no attention, in the next six to seven years they will become ruins and be classified as condom quarters.

There is rust on the doors of the houses

The doors of most homes built by the Housing Authority are rusted. Shrubs have grown around the quarters. While glasses break in most quarters, there is a lack of facilities in the quarters. Because of this, people do not aspire to live in it. Attempts have been made to contact the officials of the housing authority in this regard. But couldn’t make contact.

Shelters were created for these people

In 2007/2008, 233 lodgings were built near Ratauli for people who have a BPL ration card or who live in the city on rent. Eight blocks were created for these quarters. Three-story quarters have been created for each block. It was informed that the cost of a quarter was kept at 10.25 lakh rupees. The residents of these neighborhoods had to pay rent for 13 years. After that, the quarters should be named after the tenants. Still, nobody comes to these neighborhoods to live there.

If not cared for, it becomes a ruin

An official with the PWD department said the average life span of a building is 20 to 22 years. It also determines how strong the foundation (foundation) of the building is and how many stories the building is built on. They are painted as often as a year. If the quarters were built about sixteen years ago, for the next five to six years they will be counted in the condom category.

life in the open air

On the one hand, the government has built 233 shelters for the needy by spending several million rupees. On the other hand, there are people who are forced to live in slums near the western Yamuna Canal, Ambala Marg and other places.

lack of awareness

Social worker Manish Malik says it is very important to make people aware of the neighborhood. Due to a lack of awareness, most people do not know about the government’s plans and remain excluded from them. For this reason, it is very important for the government to raise people’s awareness by publicizing such programs that are for the benefit of the people.

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