Biplab Deb roared in Hooda’s stronghold: Modi can give respect to the public, not Rahul and Hooda.


Biplab Deb roared in Hooda’s stronghold: Modi can give respect to the public, not Rahul and Hooda.

Rohtak: Bharatiya Janata Party leader Biplab Kumar Deb roared in former prime minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda’s stronghold on Wednesday. Biplab Deb said in the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra that reached Hooda’s village Sanghi that people of Rohtak want to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Prime Minister for the third time. Cornering Bhupendra Singh Hooda in the house, he said that people of Haryana need respect for bread and that only Modi gives respect to the people of the state, not Rahul Gandhi and Hooda. Rohtak MP Arvind Sharma and Rajya Sabha MP Ramchandra Jangra presented the Modi-Manohar government’s plans to the public at the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra.

In the name of Modi, enthusiasm and energy are transmitted even in cold weather.

State BJP chief Biplab Kumar Deb said that the mere name of Modi exudes new energy, enthusiasm and warmth in this freezing cold while the mere name of Rahul Gandhi makes one swoon. He said that during Bhupendra Hooda’s rule, there were 12-foot pits so that no leader of any other party could reach here. We are BJP workers, no pit, no river, no drain, no mountain can stop us from coming here. This is not a rule of Congress, now there is Modi government and citizens no longer have to demand rights. All people automatically receive rights.

Haryana is a farming state

BJP state chief Biplab Deb said Haryana is a state of farmers. Haryana supplies grains to other states. If the people of Haryana want something, they want respect. He surveyed the people in Sanghi village and asked them whether they want respect or bread first? The voice came from the public; first of all, respect is required. On hearing this, Biplab Kumar Deb said that only Prime Minister Modi can give you this honor, not Rahul Gandhi and Hooda.

Hooda challenged, people in Sanghi village need respect

Biplab Kumar Deb challenged Rahul Gandhi and Bhupendra Singh Hooda and said that people of Sanghi village need respect. The people of Haryana will eat less bread, but they will not allow respect for the country and the state to fall. The respect that people have for Prime Minister Modi is a result of MP Arvind Sharma, whom people here blessed and sent to Parliament because people of Rohtak want Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister of the country. Rahul Baba and Hooda Saheb, you should also listen to the voice of the people here, now nothing will work for you here. Now only Prime Minister Modi will rule here because now everyone here is Modi’s fan.

Rahul Gandhi does not listen to the public, BJP is the party that listens to the public.

Biplab Deb took a dig at Rahul Gandhi and said that when Rahul Gandhi gives a speech, he says everything and doesn’t care about the public. While BJP is a party that listens to the people. He said we have to support you now the same way you supported Modi last time. Must stand with Modi in 2024 elections. He said the Modi-Manohar government’s public welfare programs in the last nine and a half years have empowered the poor and underprivileged. Modi’s guarantee vehicle aims to make the systems 100 percent accessible to people.

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