Bhupendra Singh Hooda said: Congress got rid of him, BJP-JJP made Haryana the crime capital.


Bhupendra Singh Hooda said: Congress got rid of him, BJP-JJP made Haryana the crime capital.

Haryana: Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupendra Singh Hooda said that the BJP-JJP alliance had once again established Haryana as a crime capital, which was eliminated by the Congress government. People in the state live in the shadow of fear and criminals commit crimes without fear. Reacting to the incident in which the Matu Ram Jalebi seller’s shop in Gohana was indiscriminately shelled, Hooda demanded Rs 2 crore in extortion money from him.

The people of Gohana showed the coalition government a mirror

Bhupendra Hooda said that the people of Gohana who took to the streets to protest the incident had shown a mirror to the coalition government. There is neither a government nor law and order in the state. Those in power are only busy plundering the public by committing fraud. They don’t care about the safety of citizens. The central government’s Social Progress Index itself shows that Haryana has become the most insecure state in the country under the BJP-JJP rule.

Incidents like ransom, extortion and murder have become a part of Haryana’s everyday life;

Bhupendra Hooda said the NCRB report shows that incidents like ransom, theft, robbery and murder have become a part of Haryana’s everyday life. Incidents like three murders and five rapes take place in the state every day. When it comes to incidents in broad daylight, Haryana has left UP-Bihar behind. Haryana is second only to Maharashtra in such incidents. In just one year, 16,743 cases of crimes against women were reported, i.e. 46 cases per day. In a year, 1,787 cases of rape were reported, meaning five daughters were deprived of their dignity every day.

Before 2014, Haryana was one of the safe states.

Bhupendra Singh Hooda said that before 2014, Haryana was among the safest states in the country. During the Congress tenure, all gangsters were eliminated from the state. Strict legal action was taken against the criminals. All the criminals had left Haryana. Due to the safe environment, an investment environment was created in the state and maximum investments in the country came to Haryana. This created jobs and provided countless jobs to the youth of the state in various sectors.

Investors turned away from the state

Bhupendra Hooda said investors have turned away from the state of Haryana due to the bankruptcy of law and order. Due to this, new jobs are not being created and the youth of the state bear the brunt of unemployment. Haryana has become number one in unemployment. Young people frustrated by unemployment fall into the clutches of drugs and crime. The BJP-JJP government has trapped Haryana in a terrible cycle of unemployment, drugs and crime. If the Congress government is formed, this vicious circle will be broken and Haryana will be freed from crime, drugs and unemployment.

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