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Bahadurgarh: Three-month-old fetus found in old night shelter near railway station, causing a stir

The police, who dialed the emergency number 112, were on site to investigate.

The police, who dialed the emergency number 112, were on site to investigate.

Bahadurgarh: A case came to light in the city that embarrassed Mamta. Here a fetus (boy) about three months old was found in the old shelter near the railway underpass. Even after police received the information, the indiscretion of the fetus continued for several hours. The police officers from two police stations repeatedly shied away from each other’s responsibility for their actions. Due to two police stations, the fetus could not be picked up until 5 p.m.

Years ago, temporary accommodation was set up near the railway underpass. Currently this overnight accommodation is not in operational condition. There’s a lot of dirt in there. On Thursday afternoon, a foul smell spread through this overnight shelter. When someone got closer and saw that there was a human fetus inside. People who live in the neighborhood call 112. After receiving the information, the ERV team reached the site. The Linepar police station was then informed. Linepar Police came to investigate but stated that this was not our work area. After this information has been shared with GRP. This caused confusion between the police from both police stations regarding the area. Both repeatedly evaded responsibility for each other’s actions.

Linepar Police Station argued that this area belongs to GRP. So you must act. The GRP said the night shelter is run by the local government. For this reason, the action of the district police is carried out. Because of the attitude of the police at both police stations, the fetus remained there for several hours. Many fetuses and newborn corpses have also been found in Bahadurgarh in the past. Every time a case is registered, an investigation is launched and then the action is limited to the files. In order to hide the identity, the perpetrators of children killed in the womb do not fall into the hands of the police. All cases that have surfaced in recent years are unsolved. In the case of the fetus found in the overnight shelter on Thursday, the action has not even started. In such a situation, it remains to be seen whether the police at which police station will take action in this situation and by when they can reach the accused.

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