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Bahadurgarh: SPO’s wife was killed in Chhara

Bahadurgarh: The wife of a Special Police Officer (SPO) was murdered in Chhara village. The woman was attacked with edged weapons in the head and neck. Jewelry and cash are missing in the house. The robbery initially considered the possibility of murder. The police took up the case and initiated an investigation.

Chhara resident Narendra is SPO and his post is located in MIE post of Bahadurgarh. He went to work on Friday as usual. Ms Meena, 38, was home alone. When Nephew Rahul went to Narendra’s house that afternoon, she was lying in the kitchen covered in blood. Rahul relayed this information to his uncle Narendra over the phone. Narendra immediately reached his house and saw blood splattered on the floor. Mrs. Meena had died. He had wounds on his neck and head. Things were scattered around the interior as well.

As soon as the information came in, police arrived at the scene from the Mandothi post and began investigating. The forensic team also made efforts to collect evidence during the investigation. During the investigation, the goods were found scattered in two rooms. The shelves were ransacked. According to Narendra, three gold rings, two necklaces, a pair of earrings and 25,000 rupees are missing. Therefore, it is feared that Meena was killed in the robbery. The police currently have one case registered based on Narendra’s testimony.

Randeep Singh, head of Mandothi outpost, said a woman was killed entering her home in Chhara. One case was registered in this matter. Investigations into this matter are ongoing. The body will be autopsied on Saturday.

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