Bahadurgarh: Bamdoli toll plaza removed on Nahra-Nahari road, CM had announced removal of eight toll plazas in the state.


Bahadurgarh: Bamdoli toll plaza removed on Nahra-Nahari road, CM had announced removal of eight toll plazas in the state.

Bahadurgarh: Implementing Prime Minister Manohar Lal’s announcement, the Public Works Department removed the toll plaza set up at Bamdoli village on Nahra-Nahari Road. Due to this, both the villagers and commercial vehicle drivers breathed a sigh of relief. It is known that Manohar Lal had announced closure of around eight toll plazas in many areas of the state. According to one estimate, around Rs 25,000 in toll was collected daily from commercial vehicles passing through here.

It was announced that seven toll plazas run by PWD would be scrapped

We would like to tell you that Chief Minister Manohar Lal, while providing relief to the people of Haryana, had announced closure of 7 and one other toll plazas run by PWD. With this decision, the citizen will be relieved from tax collection of about Rs 22.5 million per year. The annual tax collection of about one million rupees was also done at the Bamdoli toll plaza on Nahra-Nahari Road in Bahadurgarh. In addition, toll has also been abolished in Barota near Rai on the Nahara-Nahari road. Tyokad toll plaza on Pehwa-Patiala road in Kurukshetra district is closed. CM had also announced closure of three toll plazas on Hodal Nuh-Patoda Pataudi, Saundh, Charoda and Pathredi roads.

The toll plaza will also be closed in Faridabad

According to the CM’s announcement, apart from Sunhera toll plaza on Punhana-Jurhera road, Bandhwadi toll plaza, Crusher Zone, Pakhal, Nurera toll plaza on Faridabad and Ballabhgarh Sohna road and Alipur Tigra toll plaza and Biwan toll plaza on Firozpur Jhirka Biwan road will also be closed. Most of these toll plazas have been closed, while some toll plazas will be closed only after the contract ends. Villagers and motorists breathed a sigh of relief after the Haryana government closed the toll plaza. Conflicts often occurred between villagers and toll workers during toll collection. The villagers have been demanding the closure of this toll plaza for a long time. In the past, the toll at this toll plaza was collected by contractors, but today the toll is only collected here by employees of the authority.

According to the CM announcement, the toll plazas are closed

PWD executive engineer Ritesh Yadav said that Chief Minister Manohar Lal recently announced closure of Bamdoli toll plaza. The ministry’s orders in this regard were received on February 1. The toll ban was subsequently lifted from 12 p.m. Now commercial vehicles that drive through here no longer have to pay a toll.

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