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Ayushman Card: Those whose name is not on the list who can now also be issued with an Ayushman Card apply to PHC and CSC centers

Suraj Saharan: Kaithal

There is good news for those whose Ayushman Golden Card has not yet been created. Now his Ayushman Golden Card is being reissued. These cards are made for family members whose annual income is less than 1 lakh 80,000. These cards are made in PHC and CSC centers. There are families whose income is less than 1,800,000 but whose names did not appear in the list.

According to the information, until December 31, the Ayushman Golden Cards in will be produced in three phases. dr Kaithal CMO Ashok Kumar said that so far he has received the data of 1,26,000 families of Kaithal District, of which about 5,900,000 are beneficiaries. In the first phase, these beneficiaries should become Ayushman Golden so that they can benefit from this program. dr Ashok Kumar also said that on November 21, the Prime Minister said that families whose annual income is more than US$1,800,000 can avail this program by contacting the ADC department and verifying their income to let. He said they collect the data of the families whose annual income is 1 lakh 80,000 in the family card. According to this Ayushman Golden Card is made.

Significantly, when the government started producing Ayushman Golden Cards, some people said that those whose annual income was more than 1 lakh 80,000. Ayushman became the golden card of these family members. Poor families cards were not prepared. Now there is good news for these family members as well. Now even these poor families have the Ayushman Golden Card.

This is how you get the income corrected in your family ID card

Significantly, it can often be observed that more than 20 percent of people have less or more income on their family ID card. Although the names of those with low incomes were included in the Golden Ayushman, the names of those whose incomes were shown more could not be included in the Ayushman. In such a situation, the income in the family card can now be corrected by the Office of the Additional Deputy Commissioner.

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