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At Bhattu railway station, a drunk youth behaved badly towards passengers, stopped and threw stones at the office

At bhattu railway station, a drunk youth behaved badly towards passengers, stopped and threw stones at the office - news2news. In

fate habad. At Bhattu Kalan railway station, there is news of two drunk youths who behaved badly towards passengers present at the station and threw stones at the stationmaster’s office at midnight on Wednesday. Later, a young man crossed the line of obscenity by posing half-naked to railway workers. Videos and photos of the entire incident have also come to the fore. The of the office was also damaged by rockfalls, while inside the office were thousands of rupees worth of machinery that survived. The complaint about the incident was handed over to the railway police and around 5 am the railway police reached Bhattu from Sirsa and registered the complaint.

Sirsa Railway Police have registered a case under Section 145, 147 of the Act against two unidentified youths following a complaint from Station Master LR Meena. Incidents of this kind are increasing continuously on trains at night. A few months ago, in the Tohana area, a woman was molested by a young man after he found her alone in a compartment, and then she was thrown off the train and killed.

According to information received, two youths arrived at Bhattu Kalan railway station at around a quarter to three last night. Passengers from the Express, which departed for Delhi at 3 a.m., were present there. Stationmaster Vasudev Bhagat, who was on duty in the morning, said that the youths were beginning to behave badly towards the passengers, and there were women among the passengers. When staff at his office stopped the youths, the youths picked up rocks that were lying on the tracks and began throwing them at them. The employees saved themselves by entering the office. Rockfall became a threat to employees and passengers. Meanwhile, a video was shot showing the youths throwing stones. The office gates were damaged by rockfalls. He said if the youths came in and threw stones, the machines in the office could have been damaged and staff could have been injured.

After the incident, a young man took off his pants and made obscene gestures towards staff, saying do what you like. A report was then filed with the railway police. Railway police, who deny the stone-throwing incident, have registered a case of obscenity. According to the railway police, the two young people argued under the influence of alcohol during the election call.

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