Anti-Corruption Bureau: Forest guard posted in Ballabhgarh caught taking bribe of Rs 19,000


Anti-Corruption Bureau: Forest guard posted in Ballabhgarh caught taking bribe of Rs 19,000

City: As part of the continuous campaign against corruption, the Faridabad team of the Haryana Anti Corruption Bureau arrested forest guard Rahul posted in Sector 25 of Ballabhgarh red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 19,000. The ACB team is interrogating the accused. The defendant is brought before the court.

30,000 bribe was demanded for not challenging the tractor

Based on this information, the Anti-Corruption Bureau team devised a plan to catch the accused and managed to catch him red-handed while accepting bribes. The accused Rahul had demanded a bribe of Rs 30,000 from the complainant in return for not challenging the tractor, whereas the complainant had already given a bribe of Rs 11,000. Thereafter, the accused demanded the remaining amount of Rs 19,000 and was caught red-handed. This entire operation was carried out impartially and with complete transparency before the witnesses.

Cashier was attacked for asking for a meal bill at the hotel

At a hotel in Ganaur, a cashier was attacked when he asked for the food bill. The injured cashier complained about the incident to Ganaur police station. Based on the complaint, the police opened a case against two young people. Jitesh, a resident of Bega village, said that on January 23, six youths came to the hotel for dinner. After eating the food, the youths refused to give the money saying they had not ordered Shahi Paneer. When Jitesh tried to reason with them, two boys beat him and threatened to kill him. His remaining companions tried to convince him. He then got into the car and drove away. One of the youths who attacked was a resident of Deepak village, Sheikhpura Hall, Devdu Road, Sonipat. The entire incident was recorded by the CCTV installed at the hotel. Following Jitesh’s complaint, the police registered a case against Deepak and one of his associates and initiated an investigation.

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