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Announcement by Minister of Health Anil Vij: Another program for people’s health will be implemented soon

Minister of Health and Family Welfare Anil Vij said that will become number one in the country in terms of health services and that a new program for better health of the state’s citizens will be launched very soon.

Vij addressed those present today at the Ambala Canton Civil Hospital for the distribution of Ayushman Cards to Antyodaya beneficiaries as part of the Ayushman Bharat Program. He said that now Ayushman cards are being produced for 28,000 families of the state and about 1.25 million beneficiaries of the state will join this program, so almost half of the population of will be insured under Ayushman and they won’t have to spend a single cent for the treatment.

Employees will soon also have cashless treatment options

The health minister said that there are many employees in the state who are receiving free treatment, they will also soon be able to receive non-cash treatment, and instructions have been given to officials about this. Government employees are also not required to pass on the bill after undergoing treatment in the future. As soon as he goes to the hospital, his cashless treatment begins and their plan is prepared. He said the government has two main responsibilities, one for education and the other for health. He says he understands that his government is fully committed to those two responsibilities. No person from Haryana who comes into this limit does not have to die without treatment.

Soon PHC and Medical College will be connected

Vij said there is an electronic treatment system in the state that 55 of our hospitals are connected to. The complete online file of the patient is maintained in the system. Now the process of connecting this e-treatment system to PHC and CHC and the Medical College continues. A patient’s complete medical record will be online and their complete medical history on an ID card will be visible on the computer for the doctor in another city. He announced that soon every PHC will have an EKG machine.

CT scan facilities are available in 17 districts and dialysis facilities in all 22 districts in the state.

Vij said that free treatment is being provided in our hospitals and the condition of hospitals across the state is improving. Where previously there were no X-ray machines in hospitals, CT scanning facilities are now being deployed in 17 districts. Dialysis centers are operated in all districts of the state, in the past you had to walk to Chandigarh, Gurugram or Delhi for dialysis, the dialysis costs were not as high as the travel costs. A dialysis facility has now been provided in each district. Nobody could have imagined that heart treatments would be carried out in state hospitals. But we did it, cath labs (heart centers) are working in our four districts. We have placed more than 10,000 stents in Ambala and will open cath labs in other locations as well.

National level NCDC lab to be built soon in Ambala Cantonment

Vij said that the National Lab of National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) will also open in Ambala Canton. One of the four labs across the country is being built in Naggal, in Ambala Canton, for which land has been taken, and it is hoped the lab will start up this fiscal year. Laboratory tests have already begun in a small building here. He said that a team led by DG Health of the Government of India recently came to Ambala Cantonment and were so struck by the sight of the Cantonment Civil Hospital building that they considered making a documentary and broadcast it to everyone States to send country as a model.

There will be a mapping of health services in the state, health services will be provided on an as-needed basis and not on a demand basis

The health secretary said the old PHCs and CHCs in the state will be demolished and manufactured to the new standards under NABH standards. We are doing mapping of health services all over Haryana. We will provide needs-based healthcare facilities. We will provide needs-based healthcare facilities even if it is part of the opposition as we need to provide healthcare services throughout Haryana. The central government has commended our project and the central government has also allocated an amount of 1 crore rupees for mapping in Haryana and our state is the first country in India to carry out mapping. The company conducting the mapping tells us where the PHC, CHC or hospital should be located with how many beds, what facilities are available and how many doctors and other staff should be provided there, by mapping according to WHO criteria. This agency will conduct a full study and inform us so that we can continue to expand our healthcare services and spend accordingly. He said we have enough money when he became health minister the budget for health services was Rs 1 600 crore which we have now increased to Rs 8 000 crore.

Half of the state’s population has free health insurance through the Ayushman Card

said that the needy people used to come to us first to make cards and he raised this issue before the Chief Minister for a long time that the poor people, Antyodaya families, whose annual income is less than 1.80 rupees amounts, We also make cards for them. He said that today, from this platform, on behalf of all the people of Haryana, he would like to express his gratitude to the Prime Minister for implementing it in Haryana in light of this fact. Now, the identified 28,000 families will also be eligible, meaning 1.25 million people will receive an Ayushman card and half of Haryana residents will receive this health insurance. These beneficiaries only have to show the card in the listed 725 hospitals, there no money is paid and the treatment is cashless. The hospital pays all the costs of the treatment from the government, the families don’t have to pay anything.

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