Anil Vij told Kisan Andolin that he will not allow anyone to take law into his hands to protect Haryana.


Anil vij told kisan andolin that he will not allow anyone to take law into his hands to protect haryana. - news2news. In

Chandigarh. Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij said at the farmers’ organizations’ march to Delhi that we have to secure Haryana at any cost. If they (the farmers’ organizations) take law and order into their own hands, it will not be allowed at all. He said this while answering questions from journalists after listening to the problems of people at his residence.

The central government works in the interest of farmers

INLD MP Abhay Chautala’s statement on the MSP guarantee, Home Minister Anil Vij said that the government wants to work for the benefit of farmers. Three installments (2 lakh rupees) of the Prime Minister’s support had been disbursed to farmers and now to the Central Minister. Go to Punjab and talk to farmers. Vij said the government wants to talk to them (farmer unions) as the solution can only be found through discussions.

It looks like Rahul Gandhi was confused with disappointment

On Rahul Gandhi’s statement to the Prime Minister, Home Minister Anil Vij said, “It seems that Rahul Gandhi is confused out of frustration.” That’s why they don’t understand what they have to do. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done so much work in the last 10 years and will continue to do so much work in the coming times that the coming generations will worship him (Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji) like a God. Shri Vij said that Congress governments in 70 years should have done all the work which has now started after 70 years and Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the work with the vision of a developed India.

Kejriwal plans to escape from prison

Home Minister Anil Vij criticized Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s statement that he is being treated like a terrorist and how are they being treated like terrorists? To escape from prison, they invent such tricks so that they don’t have to go to prison. Such a situation is created and they escape from prison. He said he has been summoned so many times and is not leaving. When he was nothing, he used to tweet that he would not appear before the CBI despite receiving so many summons. Vij said that his tweet should apply to him.

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