Ambala: Two youths died as a result of drowning in the pond of the water treatment plant. The bodies were removed by tying them with rope.


Ambala: Two youths died as a result of drowning in the pond of the water treatment plant.  The bodies were removed by tying them with rope.

Vij meets the victims’ families.

Vij meets the victims’ families.

Ambala: Two friends died by drowning in the water treatment plant pond while a youth’s life was saved. Both bodies were recovered from the pond. Police sent both bodies to Canton Civil Hospital for autopsy. The police are investigating the matter.

18-year-old Babbu aka Sandeep, 16-year-old Karan and Sahil, three friends of Gulab Mandi from Ambala Cantt, had left the house in the morning to take a bath. The three entered through the broken wall of the water treatment plant built near Jandli in the army area, two and a half kilometers from the house, although it is a restricted area. Since this is an army area, civilians are not allowed in here. It is said that Babbu and Karna drowned here while bathing in a pond 20 feet deep. Sahil climbed out of the pond and grabbed the bushes that grew on the banks of the pond. According to Sahil, workers at the sewage treatment plant called army and police personnel on site. After that, the removal of the missing bodies from the pond began. The police arrived at the spot and secured Babbu and Karna’s clothes. A bicycle key was found in the clothing.

After receiving the information, Babbu’s mother Anita, father Sanjay and Karna’s uncles, and Sahil’s mother Seema reached the site. Babbu’s father said that Babbu had studied until the 8th grade. Started working as a waiter a few days ago. Babbu’s older sister is married and has a younger brother. Karna’s uncle said that Karna has two brothers and two sisters. Karna also only studied up to the 8th grade. It was too late to find the drowned youths in the pond. In fact, the police have neither divers nor their own ambulance. Somehow the diver Sohanlal collected the number. Diver Sohan arrived at the site with his colleagues late in the evening. The bodies, about 15 feet deep, were pulled out with a rope. Sahil, who survived the drowning, told police he never came here to bathe. He bathes in the Kanwala Canal. Babbu and Karna came here every day to bathe in the pond. That’s why he came with me. The whole family is currently in turmoil over the death of two teenagers.

Vij gave the families 2-2 lakhs

Interior and Health Minister Anil Vij arrived in Gulab Mandi on Wednesday evening. Here he met the family members of the children who had drowned in the water treatment plant the previous day. He donated two lakh rupees each from his voluntary fund to both families. While comforting family members, he assured that he would make every effort to get more help from the government. Vij inquired about the incident while consoling the relatives of the first deceased Sanjeev aka Babbu in Gulab Mandi. He expressed his sadness at the incident, calling it an irretrievable loss to the family. He immediately called Ambala DC and directed him to provide assistance to both families.

Afterwards, Vij reached the residence of Karna, the second youth killed in the incident, and comforted his parents and other family members. BJP leaders present at the scene said that the families of the two children who died were financially weak, prompting Minister Anil Vij to announce that he would immediately give each 2 lakh rupees from his voluntary fund. He told family members that his doors are always open to help.

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