Ambala: Farmer murdered with a sharp weapon in the cattle shed


Ambala: Farmer murdered with a sharp weapon in the cattle shed

Police speak to villagers at the scene of the accident.

Police speak to villagers at the scene of the accident.

Ambala: Ramkumar, a 58-year-old man who was sleeping in an animal shed in Talhedi Gujran village across the Markanda river, was killed by a blow to the head with a sharp weapon. The family members came to know about the murder when the deceased’s wife went to the cattle shed on Thursday morning. He found Ramkumar unconscious and bleeding on the cot. A doctor from the village was then called to the spot. The doctor examined Ramkumar and declared him dead. As soon as information about the murder came, Mulana police arrived at the spot and started further action. The crime scene team reached the spot and collected evidence. In this case, on the complaint of late Ramkumar’s son Rajbir, the police registered a case against three accused and initiated investigation.

In the complaint filed with the police, late Ramkumar’s son Rajbir said that he lived in Talheri Gujran village. He does sand and gravel work in Narayangarh. They are two brothers. His younger brother is Vikas Choudhary. His house is in the middle of the village. Near Johad there is a cattle shed on the side of the road near the village. His father Ramkumar slept in the cattle shed at night. Like every day, his mother Acharon Devi tried to give his father tea around 6 a.m. on Thursday morning and tried to lift his father Ramkumar out of his bed. He saw that his father had been hit several times in the head and forehead with a sharp weapon. A large amount of blood was scattered on the father’s crib and on the floor below. The father was bleeding profusely because he had injured his head with a sharp weapon. After that, his mother named his uncle’s son Jatin. Jatin called the village doctor. The doctor examined the father and said that Ramkumar had died.

He informed the police about this. He had gone to work and after gathering information reached his village. When he reached the village and saw his father, he was lying dead. According to the complaint filed with the police, Rajbir said his father was killed when someone hit him on the head and front of the head with a sharp weapon. On November 1 last year, Satish Kumar alias Teesa from his village, his nephew Mandeep alias Deepa and Satish Kumar’s servant Dara Singh, resident of Talhedi Gujran village, were drinking alcohol with his father Ramkumar in the cattle shed around 9.30 pm. He fully suspects that his father was murdered by these people by hitting him on the head with a sharp weapon. Police have registered a case against the accused Satish, Mandeep alias Deepa and Dara Singh and initiated action in the case.

One accused died and family members performed the last rites

Three villagers have been accused of murdering 58-year-old Ramkumar in Talheri Gujran village. It is alleged that everyone first drank alcohol with Ramkumar and then murdered him with a sharp weapon. In this case, one of the accused, Satish, is said to have died of a heart attack. The last rites of murderer Satish were also performed by his family members around 11.30 am on Thursday. Although there is a lot of discussion in the village, people don’t say anything openly.

Based on the complaint, proceedings were initiated against three people

Surendra Singh, in-charge of Mulana police station, said that a case was registered against three accused on the complaint of the deceased’s son Rajbir. One of the accused, Satish, is said to have died as a result of a heart attack. Postmortem of deceased Ramkumar was conducted and the body was handed over to the family members. The crime scene team also collected evidence from the scene. No weapon has been recovered from the site.

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