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Ambala: Announcement by the Deha community in the Mahapanchayat that there will be a social boycott of families selling drugs

Individuals involved in the Mahapanchayat of Deha Brotherhood.

Individuals involved in the Mahapanchayat of Deha Brotherhood.

Ambala: The Brotherhood’s Mahapanchayat was held Wednesday at Deha Colony, which is notorious for smuggling. Many concrete decisions were made to save the Brotherhood and future generations from embarrassment. The fraternity unanimously declared that families selling Smack or other intoxicants would be socially boycotted. At the same time, they themselves will catch such people and hand them over to the police. In addition to the district, Brotherhood officials from neighboring states also attended the Mahapanchayat. A Mahapanchayat was organized under the chairmanship of Gogi, the head of the Deha colony in the city of Ambala.

The police are constantly picking up targeted attacks

Mahapanchayat chief Pradhan Gogi said that the Deha Brotherhood was notorious for drug smuggling across the state. For this reason, the police constantly target the members of the fraternity. Even innocent people are put in prison. Because of the drug smuggling, no outsider comes to the Deha colony anymore. If anyone comes, they will be thoroughly interrogated and beaten by the police. Because of some families, the entire fraternity and their children are mistreated. Even in the schools, the children of the fraternity succumb to the inferiority complex. Even no bus or car driver is willing to take his children to school. Because of this, the children of the community have lagged behind in their studies. The police don’t listen to them, nor do the administrators. Because of this, the entire community is forced to live a life of hell.

Families are identified

Pradhan Gogi said he identified the Brotherhood families selling Smack and other drugs. Such families are first asked to leave this business. If you do not agree, there will be a social boycott. The list of these families is handed over to the police so that no innocent family becomes a victim of police action. Efforts are being made to seal the homes of these families as well. In addition, those who buy drugs from such people are caught and handed over to the police. A 15-strong committee was formed for this purpose. This committee will go door to door. Will investigate the families doing illegal work. Due to the slander, no other person will allow them to enter the house, let alone walk around far away. Shopkeepers also act with inferiority complexes. For this reason, the daughters of the fraternity are also confronted with defamation.

The facility is not available even after paying the tax

The liaison officers from many places including Ambala City, Ambala Cantt, Dhuri, Nabha, Kalka, Ghanaur, Pinjore, Barara, Nilokhedi, Kurukshetra, Shahbad and Rajpura attended the Mahapanchayat. Pradhan Gogi Ramu, who is involved in the Mahapanchayat, said that even after paying the taxes to the government, he does not get any relief. The people of his colony lead a hellish life. There are no cleaning staff here, nor is there a better drinking water supply. Police personnel remain in the colony throughout the day. In such a situation, the life of his daughters-in-law has become difficult.

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