Admission in colleges: The portal is reopened for admission in PG. Admission will take place on September 16th


Admission in colleges: The portal is reopened for admission in PG.  Admission will take place on September 16th

Admission to universities.

Admission to universities.

Rohtak news:The Department of Higher Education has given another chance to the students who were not admitted in the first year of PG. The portal is now open again until September 16th. The Higher Education Department also informed the universities about this by letter. Admission takes place exclusively as part of an open consultation. Every student who wishes to seek admission must report to the university so that their admission can be secured. There was also no increase in late fees. The same students will also be charged late fees until August 25th.

At this point, we would like to inform you that the PG admissions portal has been closed on August 25. But there were still places available at the universities. Against this background, the universities submitted an application to the Ministry of Higher Education to open the portal. DHE accepted this and opened the portal on September 9th. According to the letter issued, the portal will be closed on September 16 at 5 p.m. During this period, open counseling takes place daily and students are admitted based on their performance.

The process will take place online

At the same time, admission for the second and third years of the PG will take place until September 16th at 5:00 p.m. The portal will then be closed. For this purpose, the portal was reopened on September 9th. The admission process takes place online. Admission takes place via the ERP portal. Fees are collected in offline mode via ERP portal. The universities have been notified in this regard. , At the same time, universities have also started to inform students about this.

There are also places available in the basement

While the admission process in UG is closed as the portal has been closed. However, there are still some vacant places in various university courses. Students who did not accept admission or whose number did not appear in the counseling session make their rounds at universities and ask when the portal will be opened. It is said that universities have submitted applications to open the portal, now it remains to be seen whether the portal will be opened or not.

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