A goat farm burned in Mahendragarh: 4 goats and 8 lambs died, the accident occurred around 2 a.m.


A goat farm burned in Mahendragarh: 4 goats and 8 lambs died, the accident occurred around 2 a.m.

Mahendragarh: For unknown reasons, a fire broke out in a goat enclosure in Dhadhot village on Wednesday evening around 2 p.m. Four goats and eight lambs died after they were burned alive in a fire in the enclosure. The owner informed residents and fire department personnel about the fire in the shed. People tried with all their might to put out the fire, but the fire could not be controlled. The fire brigade then reached the spot. With great effort, the fire department was able to bring the fire under control. The victim demanded appropriate compensation from the government and administration.

Sheep and goats were the victim’s source of income

According to the information, Rajkumar, a resident of Dhadhot village, supports his family by rearing sheep and goats. This is also his source of income. Last night around 2 o’clock a fire suddenly broke out in the goat enclosure. The fire burned about four goats tied in the enclosure and eight goats alive. He takes care of the grazing of the goats. While he was sleeping at night, he saw that there was a fire burning in the goat stable. When he got up and raised the alarm, people gathered nearby. He managed to save a few goats from the fire, but the remaining four goats and their eight little lambs burned alive.

The fire department brought the fire under control

Victim Rajkumar said the fire department was informed about the fire in the goat enclosure. After receiving the information, the fire department reached the spot and was able to bring the fire under control with great effort. The villagers said that Rajkumar was a poor man in the village. He supports his family by raising goats. The villagers demanded that the government and administration provide the prince with adequate compensation so that he can support his family.

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