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7 Rewari depot buses become condoms, increasing problems for passengers on local routes

Convicted buses parked in roadway workshop.

Convicted buses parked in roadway workshop.

Hemant Sharma. Repetition: The Rewari bus station, already facing a shortage of buses, has 7 more buses. Because of this, passenger problems have increased due to the non-operation of buses on many routes. After the disarmament of 7 buses, 87 road buses remain in the depot. Apart from that, there are regular buses that are 30 kilometers long. Now, passengers only have to rely on these buses. Due to the reduced number of buses, bus trips from local lines may be reduced. Although road officials say 3 new buses are expected to arrive at the depot. This year about 15 buses completing their 10 years in the depot will be fined, which will result in a shortage of buses in the depot’s fleet.

117 buses are operated on 120 routes from Rewari Depot. It has 30 kilometers of scheduled buses and 87 road buses. On long distances, kilometer scheme and road buses are used on local routes. Passengers traveling on local routes will face problems due to the condition of 7 road buses. Road operations on the Kanhori, Bhatsana, Lisan and Mandaula routes have been suspended due to the failure of buses.

Driver and operator are complete according to the buses

There are currently 230 drivers and 228 operators in the road depot. According to the buses in the depot, these are currently sufficient. The number of buses in the road depot is steadily decreasing. Because 2 buses in December and 5 buses in January are condoms, the number of buses will be very small according to the number of passengers. Now there are 87 road buses in the fleet. These buses also include minibuses. Also this year, around 15 buses will be abandoned after their 10-year period has expired. Although 7 new buses had also arrived at the depot, but since 7 buses were condoms, the number remained the same. Roads have been closed on many local routes due to reduced bus numbers. In such a situation, passengers also demand an increase in the number of buses.

Daily earnings of 12 lakhs

Around 40,000 passengers travel in Rewari Depot’s buses every day. The depot earns around Rs 12 lakh per day from these passengers, but the number of buses in the depot is decreasing. The depot currently has a total of 117 buses, including road and kilometer buses. In view of the number of passengers, the depot needs 150 buses. About 33 more buses are needed at the depot.

The frequency of buses will be increased to offer better facilities to passengers. No kind of hassle is allowed in front of the passengers. 3 new buses are expected to arrive at the depot. Passengers on many routes will be relieved by the arrival of buses

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