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3,797 voters disappeared from Ambala city assembly seat in one year, in Cantt 1,444 voters rose

Ambala: The latest total of registered voters in all 22 districts has been updated by Haryana’s Chief Electoral Officer based on eligibility date. This list of voters was also published recently. Based on the new electoral roll there is now a total of 1 crore 96 lakh 58 thousand 234 electors in the state. That means, statewide, the number of new voters increased by 3,270,000 in one year.

Attorney Hemant Kumar of the Punjab and Haryana High Court has studied the official figures from the Indian Electoral Commission in detail. According to the latest figures, the maximum number of voters in the district is in the city assembly of Ambala. Here the total number of voters has increased to 2 lakh 64 thousand 120. That means last year only 3,000 lost 797 voters. This is very surprising. Among the new voters, 1,37,811 lakh are male and 1,25,617 lakh are female. These include 1802 Divyang voters and 19 Overseas voters (NRI voters). There are also 669 service voters and 23 transgender voters.

Similarly, the number of voters in Ambala Cantt assembly seat is now 2 lakh 8,000 99 while in January 2022 last year this number was 2 lakh 6,000 955. So here in the last year 1,000 144 voters have grown. Under the new electoral roll in Narayangarh Vidhansabha, the total number of electors has now risen to 1 lakh 97,001. Here 2,000 607 voters have increased within the last year. Similarly, the total number of voters in the Mulana (reserved) assembly has increased to 2 lakh 31,000 236. 4,567 new voters came here in the last year. Now the total number of voters in the district’s four assembly constituencies has risen to 9 lakh 466 voters. Within the last year, a total of 4,521 new voters have come to the district.

Badshahpur greatest light

Based on the updated list, Badshahpur Vidhansabha in the Gurgaon district of the state has now become a major seat. Now the total number of voters has increased to 4 lakh 29 thousand 363. While Mahendragarh District Seat of Narnaul is the smallest assembly in terms of number of electors. Here there is only 1 lakh 55,000 359 voters. In terms of voters, the city of Ambala ranks sixth in the state.

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