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Yamuna cleaning fund approved by Delhi Assembly

New Delhi. On Thursday, the fourth day of the Delhi Legislative Assembly session, the House approved a supplementary grant of Rs 1028 crore for the cleaning of the Yamuna in the Delhi Assembly and for the Delhi Jal Board. Deputy Chief Minister and Water Minister Manish Sisodia tabled the demand for supplementary grant for Yamuna cleaning and the House approved it.

On this occasion, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that the LG made every possible effort to stop the Yamuna cleaning work by putting pressure on the officers. Despite the budget being approved by the House, the works of the Jal Board were stopped. They tried to stop the projects earlier. When the projects did not stop, they stopped the funds but the work of cleaning Yamuna is going on. Delhi government will never let the work of cleaning Yamuna stop. He shared that the government has not only released the stuck money of Delhi Jal Board, but also released an additional budget of Rs 1028 crore for cleaning Yamuna.

So that the work of cleaning the Yamuna can be expedited. Sisodia said that the work of cleaning Yamuna is not going to stop. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that if the Yamuna remains clean before the next elections, the Yamuna will remain clean. Whatever has to be done for this – we will do whatever we have to do. The Delhi government is working on a war footing in this direction. He told that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal himself, making Yamuna’s cleaning his priority, has himself kept a close watch on each and every aspect and daily 1-1 drains, sewage treatment plant is working or not, how much work is being done. They take progress reports from the officials regarding where the treated water is being used etc. and examine it.

In this direction, to speed up the work of cleaning Yamuna, an additional fund of Rs 1028 crore is being given to the Delhi Jal Board. He said that no matter how hard the BJP and the LG try, the Delhi government will not let the work of cleaning the Yamuna stop. Arvind Kejriwal has said that if Yamuna is clean then it will definitely be clean.

Explain that in addition to the supplementary grant for Yamuna cleaning, the government has decided to increase the pace of progress of Delhi and speed up the works of public interest, an additional fund of Rs. 49 crores for trans-Yamuna area work, additional fund of about 800 crores for PWD road maintenance, construction of additional classrooms, re-modelling of hospitals etc., 75 crores for irrigation and flood control department, 8 crores for Chhath Ghats An additional amount of 25 crores for giving honorarium of Rs 1-1 crore to the martyrs, additional 50 crores for Chief Minister’s pilgrimage scheme, 75 crores for SCST Welfare, 50 crores for DGHS, 364 for hospitals fund 78 crores for higher education, 199 crores for overall education campaign, 130 crores for uniform subsidy, 114 crores for mid day meal, 60 crores for law department, under Kejriwal government scheme for the betterment of lawyers Rs 10 crore and 311 tax for various items of Delhi High Court and Civil Court Sanctioned additional fund of Rs.

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