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We are not worried about the BJP-Congress but for the better future of our wards and children

We are not worried about the bjp-congress but for the better future of our wards and children - news2news. In

New Delhi. Enough has happened since 15 years in Delhi, we gave many opportunities to BJP but nothing happened from them. But not anymore, now we are not worried about BJP-Congress but we are worried about the betterment of our ward and the future of our children. Arvind Kejriwal is the only person who can change the complexion of our ward and give better future to our children. Senior leader of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said these things while interacting in Nukkad Sabha on Thursday.

AAP is getting overwhelming public support in Delhi MCD elections. On Thursday evening, Manish Sisodia interacted with the people in Nukkad Sabhas organized in 10 wards of Kondli, Trilokpuri and Patparganj Vidhansabha and got to know about the problems being faced by the people due to the misrule of BJP in MCD for the last 15 years. Appealing to the public, Sisodia said that if this time the public votes for Aam Aadmi Party to end BJP’s failure and misrule in MCD, form Kejriwal’s government in MCD also and elect Kejriwal’s councilor in his ward. Sisodia addressed street meetings in New Ashok Nagar, Trilokpuri, Mayur Vihar Phase-1, Kondli, Gharoli, Kalyanpuri, Mayur Vihar Phase-2, Mandawali, Vinod Nagar and Patparganj on Thursday.

Will make Delhi the most beautiful city in the world

Manish Sisodia said that Arvind Kejriwal showed faith in the teachers of his schools, gave them all the facilities, gave them salary on time, gave them respect, due to which our teachers worked hard and today Delhi’s education model is discussed all over the world. He said that after coming to MCD, we will also show confidence in our sweeper brothers and sisters, they will get all facilities, they will get salary on time every month, they will get respect. We will show confidence in our sanitation workers and together we will make Delhi the most beautiful city in the world. Sisodia said that the garbage of Delhi was not cleared by the BJP and they have made the whole of Delhi a garbage house. Not only this, the BJP does not pay the salaries of the sanitation workers for months and months. The sanitation workers who have retired have not received even their last money. He said that as soon as Kejriwal’s government comes in MCD, the sanitation workers will get rid of all these problems. In Kejriwal’s government in MCD, the cleaning workers will be given salary on time every month and all raw workers will be confirmed.

Garbage mountain of Ghazipur will start disappearing as soon as corporation comes to power

During the interaction with the public in Kondli Assembly, Sisodia said that the garbage mountain of Bhalswa is a mountain of 15 years of failure of BJP in MCD. Just as the BJP’s misrule in MCD increased in the last 15 years, similarly the height of this garbage mountain kept increasing year by year. But now public should be relaxed and take selfie with this garbage mountain because Kejriwal’s government is coming in MCD after 7th December and after that not only Ghazipur garbage mountain but other garbage mountains will also disappear from Delhi. The ones are Sisodia said that Arvind Kejriwal is an engineer and he has made a complete plan to eliminate BJP’s garbage from Delhi and the mountains of garbage touching the sky. This time the people are forming the government of Kejriwal ji in MCD also and immediately after the formation of the government, the work of eliminating these mountains of garbage will be started.

Kejriwal’s councilor will get all the works of the public done

Sisodia said that Kejriwal’s echo is going on in MCD all over Delhi. He said that apart from Kejriwal’s government in Delhi, Kejriwal’s government is sure to be formed in MCD as well. But it should not happen that there is Kejriwal’s government in the Municipal Corporation and BJP becomes a councilor in some area. If this happens, he will only keep on fighting, will stop the works of the public. Kejriwal will get the work done, get it cleaned, get the roads and lanes built, get the parks fixed, get rid of stray animals. And the BJP councilor will keep fighting only by stopping all the work. Your councilor will get all the works done for the public. He will get the streets cleaned very well, but if he becomes a corporator of any other party, he will only stop the work of the public for 24 hours and will work only and only to fight Arvind Kejriwal. That’s why the public should vote for the Aam Aadmi Party in MCD also to stop the people who fight and stop the work of the public. There is Kejriwal’s government in Delhi and if Kejriwal has a councilor in your area too, then all your work will be done.

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