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Shraddha Murder Case: Traces of blood found from Aftab’s bathroom, police have only 4 days to wait

The team is constantly engaged in the investigation of Shraddha Murder Case and is making new revelations daily. Meanwhile, now the have found traces of blood from the bathroom tiles of . Apart from FSL, the police had also got the crime scene investigated by CFSL. After which forensic investigation has confirmed the presence of blood in Aftab’s bathroom.

Earlier, FSL had also found some blood stains from the kitchen. The same CFSL report has not come yet. Which will take two weeks to arrive. Apart from this, the police have also found many important scientific evidences in the investigation. Along with this, the police has also told that Aftab and Shraddha had broken up many times. And now both were living as roommates.

In this case, the police have so far recovered 18 bones including the jaw of the face. These bones have been recovered from Delhi’s Mehrauli, Chhatarpur, Maidangarhi and Gurugram. Now the police is trying to find out whether these bones belong to humans or not. The bones have been sent for forensic examination to ascertain this. The next 4 days are most important for the police involved in the investigation of this matter.

Today the was presented in the court once again. After which the court has sent him on police remand for 4 days. Please tell that the police can take the accused into police custody for 14 days before sending anyone to jail and had already taken Aftab into custody for 10 days. So, now the police have only 4 more days.

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