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Shraddha Murder Case: Shraddha had predicted her death by letter 2 years ago, this is how the secret was revealed

A shocking evidence has come to the hands of the in the Shraddha murder case. claim that exactly 2 years ago, Shraddha had written a letter to the Mumbai , threatening her life. In the letter, Shraddha had also said that my living partner Aftab used to beat me, if action was taken in time. If not taken, he will cut me into pieces. This letter was written on 23 November 2020 to Palghar Police in Mumbai.

In the Shraddha murder case, revelations are happening one after the other. Now the time doesn’t seem too far when the demon Aftab in human form will be punished for his actions. Police is collecting all the evidence one by one to get Aftab punished. But this time the evidence is in the hands of the police. That would be of great help in this case. In fact, the fight between Shraddha and her partner Aftab had been going on for many years. Shraddha had come to know about this untoward incident two years ago. Shraddha had also informed about this to her family members. But no one took his words seriously.

What did Shraddha write in the letter

“My name is Shraddha Walkkar, I am 25 years old now. I want to report against Aftab Amin Poonawal {26}. Aftab lives in Regal Apartment, Vijay Nagar Complex. He often abuses and assaults me Even today he has tried to kill me by strangling me. He has threatened me that he will kill me and throw me into pieces. He has been beating me for the last 6 months. But still I am complaining about him to the police. I could not muster the courage to do so. Because he was threatening to kill me. Aftab’s family is also well aware that he beats me and has tried to kill me. The family also knows that we both live together. His family members also come to visit him on weekends. I live with him because we are going to get married soon. We are going to get married with the consent of his family. But I don’t want to be with him anymore.”

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