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Shraddha Murder Case: Police made complete preparations for narco test, these 50 questions will be asked from accused Aftab, see list

is investigating the case. Along with this, many big sensational revelations have also been made till now. Meanwhile, the are closely investigating every aspect to punish the vicious accused Aftab. In this episode, the narco test of accused Aftab will be done at Ambedkar Hospital in Delhi. Through this test, the will be able to know the truth which Aftab () has hidden from everyone till now.

Please tell that on November 17, the court had ordered to complete the narco test in 5 days. Significantly, Aftab is giving roundabout answers on many issues and also turns away from many things. In such a situation, narco test is the only way through which the truth of Shraddha’s murderer will be revealed in front of the world. Police is going to ask many such questions to Aftab, whose list has also been prepared. So let us tell you what questions the police are going to ask.

Here is the list of questions

  • What is your full name?
  • What is your date of birth?
  • Where are you from?
  • what is your home address?
  • What is your parents name?
  • Which profession are you in?
  • Do you know Shraddha Walker?
  • Where was Shraddha supposed to live?
  • Where did you two meet?
  • How do you know Shraddha?
  • Did you have to go to Shraddha’s house as well?
  • how was your relationship
  • How long were you both living together?
  • Were Shraddha’s family members happy with your relationship?
  • Were your family members happy with their relationship?
  • Where did you live in Mumbai?
  • Did you fight with Shraddha in Mumbai in November 2020?
  • What was the reason for the fight?
  • When did you both leave Mumbai?
  • Where was the first place you went after leaving Mumbai?
  • When did you reach Delhi?
  • Where did you stay in Delhi?
  • When did you shift to the Mehrauli house?
  • What happened on 18th May?
  • Did you two have a fight?
  • What was the fight over?
  • What happened in the room?
  • why were you angry
  • did you kill shraddha?
  • were you drunk at the time?
  • how did you kill
  • What did you do by killing Shraddha?
  • Have you taken the help of the internet to locate the dead body?,
  • Did you cut the corpse into pieces?
  • How many pieces did the dead body do?
  • Where did you buy the weapon to cut Shraddha’s dead body into pieces?,
  • Did you use the same weapon to dismember the corpse?
  • Where did you buy the fridge?
  • Where to throw the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body?
  • Where is Shraddha’s mobile phone?
  • Where are the clothes you and Shraddha wore on the day of the murder?
  • where did you throw the weapon?
  • How long did you keep throwing the pieces of the dead body in the forest?
  • Where did the idea of ​​throwing the dead body in the forest come from?
  • After Shraddha’s murder, did he bring other girls home as well?
  • How did you know about those girls?
  • Did you tell your family or anyone about Shraddha’s murder?
  • Who is the girl you brought home after killing Shraddha?
  • Did you plan to kill Shraddha a few days ago?
  • Did you rent this house just to commit murder?

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