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Shraddha Murder Case: Murder case mystery is opening, police found Shraddha’s jaw at Aftab’s whereabouts

The Delhi is engaged in the investigation in the Shraddha Walker murder case in the Mehrauli area of ​​the national capital Delhi. Meanwhile, the have found a piece of jaw from the forest at the place mentioned by the . Along with this, some jaw bones have also been found. The suspect that these three bones belong to Shraddha’s body only.

These bones seem to be part of the head and a broken part of the jaw. Today Delhi Police had reached his house in Chhatarpur with Aftab. After searching for about three hours, the police got some more important clues. On the other hand, Aftab Amin Poonawalla has made a big disclosure in the police interrogation. has expressed his hatred towards Shraddha.

Aftab told that on May 23, five days after the murder, every item of the entire house was searched. During this, he wanted to find and destroy each and every object of reverence present in the house. There were three large photographs of Shraddha in the bedroom, including two photographs of Shraddha alone from the trip to Uttarakhand and one with Aftab, which the two had clicked at the Gateway of India in Mumbai in 2020.

Aftab told that he first broke the frames of all the three photos and then burnt all the three photos by setting them on fire with matches in the kitchen. Aftab told that he wanted to destroy every evidence related to Shraddha. On May 23, he kept Shraddha’s belongings present in the house in a bag containing clothes, shoes etc. This bag has also been recovered by the Delhi Police from the house.

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