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Shraddha Murder Case: Bad health or any new trick of Aftab? Such an accused of Shraddha surrounded by 40 questions

The investigation is going on in the that took place in the Mehrauli area of ​​the national capital Delhi. In this episode, on Thursday, the Delhi conducted a of the Amin Poonawala. A total of 40 questions were asked to Aftab in this test which lasted for nine hours. However, this test could not be completed due to his ill health during the test itself.

Even the recording of the questions asked so far could not be done properly. In such a situation, FSL has decided not to consider the investigation report of the first day. Along with this, it has been decided to conduct the complete test again on Friday. However, before taking him for the test, his medical checkup will be done. During the same test held yesterday, many questions were asked to Aftab ().

Aftab was also questioned about his childhood and friends. He was asked what happened that he killed Shraddha? Did he kill Shraddha as part of a conspiracy, or was it in the heat of the movement? Aftab was asked when did he start dating Shraddha. What happened from dating to murder? Why did he decide to dispose of Shraddha’s body like this? Not only this, he was also asked which weapons he used in the murder. Where did he hide the weapons and where did he throw the body parts. Apart from this, many other questions were asked.

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