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Shraddha Murder Case: After Aftab’s disclosure, police engaged in emptying the pond, found 17 pieces of bones

The is probing the Shraddha walker murder case in Mehrauli area of ​​Delhi. Due to which new revelations are happening in this case every day. But till now no important evidence has been found by the police. Meanwhile, the police have received concrete information that had thrown Shraddha’s head in the same pond located in Chhatarpur Enclave.

After this, now with the help of the officials of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the police has started evacuating this pond. This pond is very deep, so it is not easy to empty it. For which a team of many people is engaged with the machinery. On the other hand, a team of reached today to investigate the place of forests mentioned by Aftab. During this, the police found 17 pieces of different types of bones from the forest.

Which has been sent for investigation. Forensic experts say that by looking at them it can be easily identified that they belong to humans. However, proving these bones to be the bones of reverence is still a big challenge. DNA test is being done for this. According to the forensic team, these bones contain femur bone, ie the bone which we call thigh bone or thigh bone in common parlance.

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