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Shraddha Murder Case: Accused Aftab exposed the hatred in his heart, made big revelations about Shraddha

Everyday new revelations are happening one after the other in the Shraddha Walker murder case in the Mehrauli area of ​​the national capital Delhi. Meanwhile, Aftab Amin Poonawala has made a big disclosure in the police interrogation. Accused Aftab has expressed his hatred towards Shraddha. Aftab told that on May 23, five days after the murder, every item of the entire house was searched.

During this, he wanted to find and destroy each and every item of Shraddha present in the house. There were three large photographs of Shraddha in the bedroom, including two photographs of Shraddha alone from the trip to and one with Aftab, which the two had clicked at the Gateway of India in Mumbai in 2020. Aftab told that he first broke the frames of all the three photos and then burnt all the three photos by setting them on fire with matches in the kitchen.

Aftab told that he wanted to destroy every evidence related to Shraddha. On May 23, he kept Shraddha’s belongings present in the house in a bag containing clothes, shoes etc. This bag has also been recovered by the from the house. Aftab had started hating Shraddha so much that he not only killed her by drinking ganja. First his body was cut into 35 pieces and then thrown at a place where the police could not recover it.

Not only this, even after this his hatred did not end, so he set all the three pictures on fire. today went to the flat located in Mehrauli with Aftab. During this the scene was recreated again. Apart from this, today the police had questioned the owner of the flat related to the case. A team has also gone to and Himachal, where it is looking for evidence related to the Shraddha murder case.

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