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Shraddha Murder Case: Accused Aftab confessed to the crime in the court, but the police were stunned to hear the new trick

The investigation into the murder of Shraddha Walker in the Mehrauli area of ​​the national capital Delhi is going on. In this episode, the is conducting search operations at different places every day. Going to the place from where the strings of this murder are connected. Meanwhile, Delhi Police has got a big information. It is being told that the Poonawalla has told the police during interrogation the place where he had thrown the weapon used in Shraddha’s murder.

According to police sources, during interrogation, Aftab told that he had thrown the saw and blade used in the in the bushes of DLF Phase 3, Gurugram. While he threw the slap in the dustbin located at 100 feet road of Mehrauli. For information, let us tell you that due to this, the Delhi Police team has investigated those bushes twice in Gurugram.

During the investigation here on November 18, the police team also found some evidence from the bushes of Gurugram, which has been sent for CFSL investigation. After this, on November 19, the police went to Gurugram to investigate with a metal detector, but the Delhi police returned empty-handed that day. On the other hand, was presented in the Saket court. From where the court has extended the police custody of the accused for 4 more days.

During this, Aftab confessed his crime in front of the judge in the court. He said whatever he did he did in anger. I have already told everything to the police. The same Aftab, while playing a new trick, also said such a thing, on hearing which even the police (delhi police) were surprised. He told the court that he was having difficulty remembering the incident. On this, the court said that it is a matter to think about. It is becoming difficult for the corpse-dismemberer to remember the incident! How is it possible that one who has committed a heinous murder does not remember the incident? Saying this, the court has sent to police custody for four days.

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