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LG visited the landfill site, said – the height of the garbage mountain reduced by 15 meters in 7 months

Delhi’s LG VK Saxena.

Delhi’s LG VK Saxena.

The work of picking up the garbage from all the three landfill sites in Delhi is going on very fast. In the last three months, 12.50 lakh tonnes of garbage was disposed off from the three landfill sites. Due to this, the height of all the three garbage mountains has been reduced by 15 meters. This information was given by the officials on Tuesday to Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena, who visited the landfill sites. It is worth mentioning that on Tuesday, Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena visited all the three landfill sites Okhla, Ghazipur and Bhalswa to take stock of the progress of the work being done for disposal of garbage. During this, the Lieutenant Governor expressed satisfaction over the progress of garbage disposal.

229.1 lakh metric tonnes of waste deposited at landfill sites

Till May 2022, 1.41 lakh metric tonnes of waste per month was being executed from these landfill sites, which reached 6 lakh metric tonnes per month in October 2022. The sector has picked up significantly since the appointment of new consignors in November 2022. Soon this initiative will ensure disposal and treatment up to 30 thousand metric tonnes per day and 9 lakh metric tonnes per month. Delhi Chief Secretary, MCD Commissioner and senior officials of MCD were also involved during LG’s visit. At the same time, LG also visited Bhalswa Lake during this period. MCD officials told the Lt Governor that when the LG took over, the three landfill sites in June 2022 had a total of 229.1 LMT of waste, which has now come down by 74.2 LMT (32.38 percent) to 154.9 LMT in a year. It is left.

Instructions for daily monitoring of biomining work

The MCD has set a target of disposal of all the waste present at the three landfill sites in Delhi by May 2024. Between February 2023 and May 2023, at Bhalswa landfill site, about 111 percent more than the target, whereas during the same period, 88 percent of the target fixed at Okhla landfill site and 34 percent at Ghazipur landfill site have been executed. During the inspection, the Lt Governor directed for early completion of the targets and said that the targets should be achieved in Okhla by the end of June, 2023 and in Ghazipur within the next 3 months. At the same time, the Lieutenant Governor instructed to monitor the ongoing biomining work at all the three landfill sites on a daily basis.

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