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IT Ministry took command: Delhi AIIMS server down since last 31 hours, NIC team got big information

server down

server down

The server of All India Institute of Medical Sciences () in Delhi is down since last day. Initial information said that there is a ransomware attack behind the server down. But now the latest information has been received that the server is down for 31 hours and meanwhile the NIC team has got a big information. In a statement issued on Wednesday evening, the hospital administration said that the server is down since 7 am and now the services in the hospital have been handled manually. Now all the accounts including the test reports of lakhs of patients in are at stake.

IT Ministry took command

After the servers of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi were down, the IT Ministry is now monitoring the cyber attack. The operation is being led by the Director and officers of NIC. It will be fixed soon. When the NIC team first tried to restore the files from the back up server. So it was found that the back up server was also compromised. Not only this, the extension of its files was also changed.

Now this is how work is happening in AIIMS, worried patients

On this matter, officials said that all services are currently running on manual mode. A NIC team working in AIIMS has informed that it could be a ransomware attack. For information, let us tell you that the administration has told that this attack has happened on the patient care system. Other internet services are working. But billing and appointments have been affected. OPD and IPD digital hospital services including smart lab, billing, report generation and appointment systems have been affected due to the server outage. AIIMS said in a statement that continuous work is being done to restore digital services.

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