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Fake doctor caught in AIIMS, used to extort money on the pretext of early treatment

Fake doctor caught in AIIMS.

Fake doctor caught in AIIMS.

A woman who claimed to be a doctor at AIIMS Hospital in Delhi has been arrested by the police. The name of the accused woman is Shubhi Trivedi. She is originally from Badaun UP. He has done BSc in Micro Biology and MSc in Forensic Science. The accused used to extort money in AIIMS (AIIMS) on the pretext of providing quick treatment to the patients and attendants wearing white colored coats.

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According to DCP Chandan Chowdhary, on April 18 this year, a complaint was filed by a Haridwar resident at Hauz Khas police station. The complainant said that on March 21, he had come to AIIMS Hospital in connection with the treatment of his daughter. Here he met a woman wearing a white doctor’s coat. He had called himself a doctor and took 96 thousand rupees from him, saying that he would get the daughter treated soon.

He was asked to come after 10 days, but the lady doctor stopped taking calls. Realizing that he had been cheated, the victim approached the police. A team formed under the leadership of ACP Harish Chandra of Hauz Khas sub-division and local police station chief Shiv Darshan Sharma started the investigation and an attempt was made to find clues of the fraudster woman through CCTV. Guards and hospital staff were also asked to inform if the woman was found. Eventually the woman appeared near AIIMS OPD. After this the police caught him. He was wearing the coat of a junior resident doctor.

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