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Deputy CM Sisodia took a jibe at BJP, told the meaning of ‘Rewari’ and ‘Dostwadi’ model

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister on Friday targeted the . Taking a jibe at Revdi, he said that this name is being given to the of the people. The politics of forgetting common people by making promises at the time of vote has become a reality. While our party is doing what it says.

This is hurting other parties. We are fulfilling what we promise. He said that on one hand public tax money is being spent on waiving off the debts and taxes of lakhs of crores of friends and on the other hand public tax money is being spent on welfare of crores of people. He said that the new politics of making fun of the given to the general public free of cost is being seen.

There are only two models of government. If people support us, we are fulfilling our promises. The common people are getting electricity and water free to a certain extent. Schools and medical facilities are available. They (BJP) believe in destroying schools and hospitals to such an extent that people are forced to go to private schools and hospitals, mostly their friends.

Once the poor people fail to pay the fee, the gates of these private institutions are closed for them. The BJP is making fun of the of the Aam Aadmi Party by saying that it is the ‘Rewari’ and ‘Dostwadi’ model. They will not waive the loan of even a single farmer. Under this model they do not believe in giving free government education to the students.

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