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Demand raised to hand over Shraddha Murder Case to CBI, petition filed in Delhi HC

The demand for a inquiry into the Shraddha Walker Murder Case in Delhi’s Mehrauli area has started to arise. A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court for handing over the Shraddha murder case investigation from the Delhi Police to the Central Bureau of Investigation (). The petition filed by a Delhi lawyer states that the case has been around for 6 months. In such a situation, the Delhi Police does not have enough technology to easily execute this case.

So it should be transferred from Delhi Police to . There is no dearth of modern technology with the , it will be easier for him to take this case to its conclusion. That’s why it should be handed over to the immediately. The petition further states that minute and sensitive details of the investigation conducted by the Delhi Police have been disclosed to the public through the media.

The presence of media and other public persons at the place of seizure of any article, court hearing etc. amounts to their interference with the evidence and witnesses in the present case. It has also been said in this that the Delhi Police has not sealed the incident site till date, where the public and media persons are continuously reaching.

However, the Delhi Police is slowly solving this case. The same narco test of accused Aftab was to be done on November 21 (i.e. today) but due to some reason his test will not be done today. Whose concrete information has not come to the fore. During this, about 50 questions were to be asked from him. On November 17 itself, the court had ordered Aftab’s narco test to be done within 5 days.

According to sources, before the narco test of Aftab, polygraph i.e. lie detector test can also be done. Polygraph test will be done at FSL Rohini while Narco test will be done at Ambedkar Hospital in front of police, doctor and psychologist. During this, Aftab will be questioned about his personal life along with this incident. In such a situation, it seems really difficult for Aftab to survive. The police is hopeful that Aftab’s lies will be easily caught through the narco test and now he will not be able to mislead the police.

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