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Delhi News: AAP MLA waved wads of notes in the assembly, said – tried to buy for hospitalization

AAP MLA waved bundles of notes in the assembly

AAP MLA waved bundles of notes in the assembly

Delhi News: Like the first two days, the beginning of the third day of the winter session in the Delhi Vidhansabha was also tumultuous. During this, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Mohinder Goyal (MLA Mohinder Goyal) from Rithala has made a big allegation on BJP. He also showed the bundle of notes received in bribe in the House. AAP MLA said that BJP has tried to buy me.

In the House, AAP MLA Mohinder Goyal said that tender has been floated for recruitment to several posts including nursing in Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital. In this, money is raised on a large scale. He said that the government has a clause that 80 percent of the old employees have to be retained, but this does not happen. He further said that extortion takes place on a large scale. Apart from this, even after getting the job, the employees do not get the full amount. He said that the contractors take a lot of money from them themselves.

He said that the complaint in this matter was made to the DCP, Chief Secretary and even the Lieutenant Governor. Accusing the BJP, AAP MLA Mohinder Goyal said that he tried to coax the MLA to join him. He said in the House that those people are giving me a bribe of Rs 15 lakh and I want to get them caught red-handed. I informed the DCP about this, but no action was taken. He further said that I am doing this work by risking my life. The AAP MLA said that by this step they can even take my life.

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