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Delhi: Hailstorm with heavy rain increased farmers’ problems, roads filled with water, wheels of vehicles stopped here

While on one hand people felt relief from the heat due to the first heavy rain and hailstorm of pre-monsoon in Delhi, on the other hand, lines of trouble have been drawn on the faces of the farmers. Due to heavy rains and hailstorm on Saturday, wheat and mustard and other crops, which were ready to be cut in the fields, have suffered heavy losses. Apart from this, farmers are worried due to damage to seasonal vegetables.

Rabi crops are currently standing ready in Delhi NCR, at some places wheat is being harvested while at many places it would be harvested in the next 10-15 days. If the weather opens up after a day’s rain, it can be a matter of relief for the farmer. The forecast of Indian Meteorological Center Delhi proved to be correct and Delhi NCR received heavy rains. Hail started appearing on the roads all around. Due to heavy rains, the roads were filled with water within a few minutes. In such a situation, where the children going to school were in trouble. At the same time, the children also enjoyed getting wet in the rain and eating hail.

Hail was seen all around on the roads, the roads were full

In the afternoon, due to hailstorm accompanied by rain, hailstones were visible all around on the roads. It rained lightly before the hailstorm, but after the hailstorm, the rain changed its course and suddenly it started raining heavily. Within no time, water started appearing everywhere including roads and streets. The speed of the vehicles plying on the roads gradually decreased. Two-wheeler drivers stopped under bridges, underpasses and trees etc. to avoid rain and hail.

Darkness in the afternoon, vehicles had to be lit

Due to the big change in the weather, due to the dark clouds that gathered in the sky on Saturday, the afternoon of Delhi started looking like a pitch black night. Around 12 o’clock in the afternoon there was complete darkness all around. At the peak afternoon, the scene of the dark black night was seen. Vehicles had to move on the roads with headlights on. People also enjoyed this season very much.

The faces of the farmers extinguished, even before the harvest, they were affected by the weather.

Of course the urban people are happy with the rain, but the faces of the farmers are extinguished. Because at this time rabi crops like wheat, barley, mustard, gram, linseed, peas etc. are standing almost ready in the fields. Harvesting is going on in many places while in some places it is to be harvested in the next 10-15 days. In such a situation, heavy rain and hailstorm on the ready-made crops in the fields can prove to be troublesome for the farmer. If it rains like this in the future, then the farmer can be badly devastated and ruined. Explain that Rabi crops are planted in winter from October to December and harvested in summer between April and June, which can be back and forth according to the regions. Some of the major rabi crops are wheat, barley, peas, gram and mustard. Farmers say that today’s rain will not cause much damage, but if one or two more such rains happen soon, everything will be ruined. In Delhi, the Delhi government does not consider us as farmers, in such a situation, getting compensation for crop failure is almost negligible.

The weather of Delhi will be like this for the next two days

According to IMD, there is a possibility of similar weather conditions in Delhi till Monday. On the other hand, private meteorological agency Skymet Weather says that there is a possibility of rain in Delhi NCR till March 20. According to the IMD, Delhi received 2.2 mm of rain from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. Maximum 8.4 mm in Aya Nagar. rained out. While in other areas Palam 3.3 mm., Lodhi Road 3.0 mm., Pitampura 1.0 mm. and SPS Mayur Vihar 3.0 mm. It has rained. There has been a drastic drop in temperature.

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