Botanical Tapestry Exhibition: Gunjan Srivastava’s ‘Botanical Tapestry’ exhibition attracted nature and art lovers


Botanical Tapestry Exhibition: Gunjan Srivastava’s ‘Botanical Tapestry’ exhibition attracted nature and art lovers

Guests attending Gunjan Srivastava’s ‘Botanical Tapestry’ exhibition.

Guests attending Gunjan Srivastava’s ‘Botanical Tapestry’ exhibition.

New Delhi News: ArtThere is a unique similarity between it and nature. While on one hand, nature is full of innumerable symbols of art and beauty, on the other hand, if natural elements are included in art, then its craft and beauty gets enhanced. This harmony between art and nature was captured by the talented painter Dr. Gunjan Srivastava.Is showing.

Actually,Dr. Gunjan Srivastava is a professional painter, educationist, art critic and co-founder of You Lead India Foundation.Like its name, this exhibition has captured the diverse colors of nature through art. In these photographs, Gunjan has depicted in a unique way how flowers hold a special place in our life experiences. Along with their beauty, flowers are symbols of many emotions, words of many stories and witnesses of our most touching moments. This exhibition beautifully depicts the presence of flowers at times of different emotions ranging from love, sorrow, birth, death, celebration and spirituality. This exhibition is coloring our emotions intertwined with flowers, which are called beautiful gifts of nature. A large number of people were seen attending the exhibition right from the first day.

Poet Satish Gupta gave Best wishes to Dr. Gunjan

Renowned painter and poet Satish Gupta, who was part of the inauguration ceremony, said, ‘I am truly mesmerized by Dr. Gunjan’s art, especially her visualization of a flower blooming in the lap of the earth, which is extremely inspiring. This exhibition inspires us to recognize the hidden qualities of flowers. This exhibition shows that flowers are a silent storyteller, a carrier of emotions and a symbol of human experiences. I convey my best wishes to Dr. Gunjan. Looking forward to witnessing more of his extraordinary work in the future.

I get inspired through art – Dr. Gunjan

Dr Gunjan says, ‘Each photograph in the exhibition reflects my deep connection with flowers and brings forward the memories I have cherished over the years. It’s my pleasure to express my feelings in these photographs through symbols that combine cyanotype and hand embroidery. The wonderful response from art lovers has encouraged me a lot. This inspires me to bring forward these heart-touching emotions through art.

Artworks installed from 28 October to 3 November

The artworks made by Gunjan Srivastava, famous for her unique paintings made from threads, have been displayed in Gallery No. 5 of the Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi. This exhibition named ‘Botanical Tapestry: Threads of Nature’ has started from October 28. Art and nature lovers enjoyed the beauty of these artworks till 3rd November.

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