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Women are becoming self-supporting: making manure from cow dung, earning millions of rupees

women are becoming self-reliant

women are becoming self-reliant

Kush Aggarwal / Palari. Under the Chhattisgarh government’s ambitious scheme Narva, Garuva, Ghurva and Bari, with the cooperation of the district administration, rural women in Gothans are moving forward on the path of self-reliance by conducting various livelihood-oriented activities. Sometimes women had to go to other’s fields to do livelihood and many women used to spend time at home in the hearth. But now due to the Godhan Nyaya Yojana of the government, they have not only got work, but also women have become self-reliant.

Getting rich by making manure from cow dung

Today we will talk about the women of Datan village of Palari district of Balodabazar district. These women are becoming prosperous by manufacturing vermi compost, organic fertilizers in Gothans through self-help groups. Along with this, under the Gram Swaraj Yojana of State Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, Gothan is becoming self-sufficient by making fertilizers. Watch the video-

Got employment from Godhan Nyaya Yojana

10 women are associated in the “Sangwari Women’s Self Help Group” in Gothan of village Datan. Seema Dhruv, an active member of this group, is also pursuing BA. She says that, earlier the women of her group did not have work, but under the state government’s ambitious scheme Godhan Nyaya Yojana, a shed and a tank have been constructed to make manure from cow dung in the gothan built in the village.

2 lakh profit after taking out all the expenses

In this Gothan, the women of our group have been making cow dung manure continuously for two years. For the first time there has been a profit of one lakh rupees. At the same time, in the year 2023, 540 quintals of fertilizers have been prepared and sold to cooperative societies worth Rs. 5 lakhs. By deducting all the expenses, the women of the group have got a profit of two lakh rupees. Its payment has also been done through our bank account. Watch the video-

Gratitude to the Chief Minister and the district administration

The women of the group say that since they have been working with Gothan, their economic condition has become stronger. With the income received after manufacturing and selling cow dung manure, some have made jewelry for themselves, some have fulfilled the needs of themselves and their family members along with the education of their children. Women report that they have become financially empowered after joining the group. At the same time, she has been able to meet the needs of her family. The women of the group have thanked the state chief Bhupesh Baghel and the district administration for the guidance to make them self-reliant by joining Gothan.

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Women are becoming self-supporting: making manure from cow dung, earning millions of rupees - news2news. In

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