Water shed from Paralkot reservoir: Recovery will be done from SDO, departmental order issued


Water shed from Paralkot reservoir: Recovery will be done from SDO, departmental order issued

Raipur. In the matter of draining water from Paralkot reservoir in Kanker district, the department has taken a big step after day-long grudge. The department has now made up its mind to recover the money for the water shed from the sub-divisional officer. A departmental order has been issued for oral permission to throw water and recovery from the officer of the department providing the pump. Also, a reply has been sought to the show cause notice within three days. It is noteworthy that the food inspector convicted in the case has been suspended. This food inspector had shed 21 lakh liters of water to find the mobile.

It is to be noted that Rajesh Biswas, a food inspector posted in Koylibeda block in Kherkatta Paralkot reservoir of Pakhanjoor, had gone for a picnic on the dam with his friends on Sunday, May 21. While partying here, for some reason, his mobile fell into the dam near Scale Y. The price of the mobile is said to be around one and a half lakh rupees. After this, the next day i.e. on Monday morning, the nearby villagers and divers were put on the task of finding the mobile. Not only this, till Monday afternoon the salesmen of the ration shops were also made to search for the phone. Even after this, when the mobile was not found, the workers were made to sit on the dam itself by installing a water pump and a tent.

One and a half thousand acres of land could have been irrigated

After this, the Food Officer had a verbal conversation with the Water Resources SDO. Then two big diesel pumps of 30 HP each were installed to pump out the water. For four days, the water of the reservoir was thrown out by installing a pump. When the talk of emptying the water of the reservoir spread, the irrigation officers were alerted and got the pump stopped on the spot. Received mobile but not working. It is estimated that 2.1 million liters of water deposited between the scale vias was released from the west weir of the dam. This much water was enough to irrigate one and a half thousand acres.

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