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Uproar on reservation: Now petition filed against the Governor in the High Court, alleging hanging of the bill

Bilaspur. Amidst the ruckus for reservation in the state, a lawyer has filed a petition against the Governor in the High Court. Young advocate Himang Saluja has filed a petition against Governor Anusuiya Uikey stopping the bill on the issue of reservation. The petitioner has called it a violation of the constitution.

In fact, it has been said in the petition presented in the High Court that, on January 18, 2012, the state government had increased the percentage of reservation in the state to 12 percent for the SC category, 32 percent for the ST category and 14 percent for the OBC category. Which was rejected by the Honorable Chhattisgarh High Court, while hearing various petitions, calling it unconstitutional. After this, the Chhattisgarh government increased the reservation in the state to 76 percent on the basis of population and other grounds. In which 4 percent reservation given for economically weaker sections is also included.

Accused the governor of hanging the bill for political reasons

As per the rules, after the reservation bill was passed by the assembly, it went to the governor to get it signed. But the governor did not sign it. She attended the Veer Mela festival organized in Rajarao Pathar village of Dhamtari district and made a statement there that “I had asked the state government to call a special session of the assembly only to increase the tribal reservation. But they increased all of them. In the petition It has been informed that the statements of the Governor were received through various newspapers that, I have asked ten questions to the government on the reservation bill. If I get the answer then I will sign the reservation bill.” Now the government has given its answer as well. Still the Governor has kept the reservation bill hanging.

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Uproar on reservation: now petition filed against the governor in the high court, alleging hanging of the bill - news2news. In

Demand to direct the governor to take a quick decision

It has been told in the petition that when and in which years the Governor has held political posts. Along with this, it has also been told that he is not in the role of the Governor but in the role of a member of a political party. Maybe that’s why the bill is not passing. Whereas according to the constitution, if the assembly passes the bill, then the governor has to give assent to it within the stipulated time. The governor can return the bill to the assembly for reconsideration only once. And if the assembly sends it again to the governor with or without any kind of amendment, then he has to give approval within the stipulated time. But the governor is violating the constitution. Because of which there is no information about the status of reservation in the state.

Will the petition be accepted?

The hearing of many petitions in the High Court has also come to a standstill because the percentage of reservation is not fixed in the state. The petition sought a direction to the Governor to take a decision at the earliest. However, can such a petition be filed against the Governor? Will the High Court approve it? Such questions are yet to be answered.

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