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Two friends jumped in the raging Shivnath: one survived, the other missing… the diver’s team has been operating on the Shivnath river for 2 days.

Enish Puri Goswami-. Two youths into the river at Ambagarh outpost in Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh. One in all these youths survived whereas the opposite is claimed to be lacking. The seek for which continues to be on. The matter is of police station space.

In accordance with the data acquired, two youths who had gone to wash amidst the boisterous circulate of Shivnath river positioned in Nagar, jumped into the river. Whereas combating for all times and demise in a robust present, one youth survived however the different is lacking. For its search, the staff of Rajnandgaon Nagar Sainik Diver and Ambagarh Outpost Police Power have been conducting an operation on Shivnath river for two days.

One other youth lacking within the depths of the river

Round 11 o’clock on Wednesday morning, Karan Yadav’s father Chatur Yadav of Ambagarh Chowki Nagar, 18 years previous and 17 years minor pal, jumped within the title of bathing within the rising stream of Shivnath river. After this, combating for all times and demise within the sturdy present, someway the minor reached the banks of Shivnath bridge. Then again, Karan Yadav has gone lacking within the depths of Shivnath river. Right here rescue is being run for the lacking youth within the river. On this, the staff of Rajnandgaon divers in addition to Ambagarh outpost police have been conducting operations for 2 days searching for the lacking youth within the Shivnath river depth. The of Mogra Dam has additionally been closed for two days.

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