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Tractor laden with sugarcane fell into the well: the driver was seriously injured, 3 people in the engine narrowly escaped…

Suryaprakash Chandravanshi-Kawardha. A tractor trolley laden with sugarcane fell into a well in Chhattisgarh’s Kawardha district. After this accident, there was a stir in the village. The driver of the tractor has received serious injuries. At the same time, 3 people riding in the engine narrowly survived. After a lot of effort, the tractor trolley was pulled out with the help of a crane. This incident is from Manikpur village of Pondi.

According to the information received, in a field in Manikpur village of Pondi, they were loading sugarcane and taking it out of the field. While pulling out suddenly the tractor reversed. After this, after reversing, she fell into the well. Then pulled out with the help of a crane. After this accident, a crowd gathered in the village. On information, the police, with the help of the villagers, removed the sugarcane and took out the driver.

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