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Today is the 10th anniversary of the Jhiram incident: where and who hatched the conspiracy… who was the mastermind… read the words of the commander involved in the incident

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Jheeram incident

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Jheeram incident

Mohammad Imran Khan- Narayanpur. Ten years ago, on this day, Naxalites carried out the country’s biggest political massacre while playing a bloody game in Jhiram Valley of Bastar district. In Chhattisgarh, 33 people including the top leadership of the Congress were brutally murdered by the Naxalites in the attack on the Parivartan Yatra of the Congress. Today the Congress is going to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Jhiram attack as Martyrdom Day. The real reason behind this massacre remains a mystery even today. Many secrets related to this are still buried in the valley itself. Where was the plot of this attack hatched, who was behind it. Today we are going to highlight many such questions. The truth of this incident is known from the mouth of the Naxalite commander who was involved in this attack.

Practice lasted for 30 days in Hikum

Naxalites had practiced for a month to carry out the Jheeram incident in the forest of Hikum village located in the border areas of Bastar, Sukma and Dantewada. Surrounded by hills on all sides, this village has a population of 26 families. Naxalites have 100% interference in this village. During the practice, the topographical landscape of the Darbha Valley was modeled in the Hikum forest. To target the jawans by temporarily preparing Darbha Valley in the forest near the village, the practice went on daily in the morning and evening for 30 days. During this, complete arrangements for food and drink for the Naxalites present in large numbers were made by the nearby villagers. Prior to this, concrete information about the location of the jawans posted in the Jheeram Valley was collected by the Naxalites by doing Reiki of the jawans. Under the security system in the valley, where are the jawans standing and what is their number. Accordingly, a master plan was prepared by the Naxalites to execute the crime.

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Today is the 10th anniversary of the jhiram incident: where and who hatched the conspiracy... Who was the mastermind... Read the words of the commander involved in the incident - news2news. In

jhiram valley attack

Massacre done with ammo stolen from Bailadila

The script of the Jhiram massacre was written from gunpowder looted from the Bailadila mine. To execute the incident, Naxalites had planted many small and big IEDs in different parts of Jheeram Valley. After finishing the Parivartan rally from Sukma, as soon as the convoy of Congressmen reached the valley, the Naxalites blasted the vehicle in front and killed many people one after the other. Adequate arrangements were also made to harm the gunpowder looted from the Bailadila mine and the firecrackers coming in the breakup. Fighters of CRC II were deployed further and further up the Jhiram Valley to intercept backup forces coming from Sukma and Jagdalpur.

Know what is CRC

The most dangerous fighting force of Naxalites is known as CRC (Central Regional Command). The age of the Naxalite members involved in this team is between 20 to 30 years. Militia Committee, Area Committee, Platoon and Company working in Dandakaranya Naxalites of better stature and combat instinct are included in CRC. So far CRC-1, 2 and 3 have been established in the Naxalite organization. Naxalite members included in CRC-1 have to make security arrangements for the top Naxalite leaders of the Central Committee. On the other hand, Naxalites of CRC-2 and 3 are given the responsibility of attacking police stations, camps and jawans. It has been kept in organization for major offensive in Chhattisgarh along with Gadchiroli, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha. Naxalites of the Central Regional Command have played a role in the killing of 76 soldiers in Tadmetla.

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Today is the 10th anniversary of the jhiram incident: where and who hatched the conspiracy... Who was the mastermind... Read the words of the commander involved in the incident - news2news. In

photo of the incident

800 Naxalites were present in Jhiram Valley

The real story of the Naxalite attack in Chhattisgarh’s Jheeram Valley a decade ago is exposing the government’s intelligence system. Regarding the killing of the top Congress leadership in the Naxalite attack, Prakash, former Naxalite commander of the Central Regional Command, told that about 300 hardcore Naxalites of CRC-2 had arrived equipped with modern weapons to execute the incident. To help the 300 Naxalites, about 500 Naxalites from the People’s Militia Committee were deployed from Darbha, Dantewada, Sukma and Bijapur. Members of the breakup party and medical team of Naxalites have also been involved in this. The biggest question is that the intelligence system could not get the news of the presence of 800 Naxalites in Jhiram Valley.

It was not Hidma but Devji who executed the crime.

Discussions have been going on for a decade regarding the mastermind of the massacre of 33 people in Jhiram Valley. After the incident, Hidma was described as the mastermind by most of the media houses. If the ex-Naxalite involved in the incident is to be believed, Hidma was not present at all in this incident. The surrendered Naxalite commander told that at the time of the incident, Hidma along with his combat squad had gone to the border of Sukma, Andhra and Telangana to target the Greyhound force. Hidma’s location during 24 and 25 May was around Batum village in Sukma. The former Naxalite commander told that the entire responsibility of the Jhiram attack was in the hands of Devji. The incident has been executed by Devji after talking on walkie-talkie with the top Naxalite leaders of the Central Committee. Other big Naxalite commanders including Jailal and Sirdar were also present along with Devji.

Review meeting held in Hikum village after the attack

After the country’s biggest political massacre, the gathering of Naxalites again reached Hikum village. After staying here for two days, a review meeting was also held in Sukma forest. During this, there were speculations among the Naxalites about the profit and loss regarding the political assassination. The review meeting was also celebrated in the presence of top Naxalite leaders of the Central Committee. After which the Naxalites returned to their respective areas. Naxalite commander Prakash left the organization after working for about a year in the Naxalite organization after the Jhiram incident, after which he came in contact with DRG inspector Sukku Nureti in Narayanpur and surrendered before Bastar IG.

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