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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The weather became pleasant: clouds rained with strong winds, people got relief from the scorching heat

Bemetara. The weather suddenly changed its mood in Chhattisgarh on Thursday. It started raining with strong winds in Bemetara district of the state. The rains have brought relief to the people from the scorching heat and the weather has turned pleasant. At the same time, due to the strong winds, the trees on the roadside have collapsed. Due to this, the road from Berla to Bemetara has been blocked due to falling of trees near Berla. Due to this people are having trouble in commuting. See


At the same time, in the capital Raipur, the sky is dark and light winds are blowing. There has been a sudden change in the weather in Durg as well. It has started raining with cold winds. It is raining heavily in Maroda area. Due to this the weather has declined. The Meteorological Department has also indicated lightning.Watch the video-

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