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The judge arrived to ‘judge’ the district jail: asked the inmates for health, nutritious food, cleanliness and instructions for arranging medicines

Leeladhar Rathi / Sukma. Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada Sessions Judge Abdul Zahid Qureshi inspected the District Jail at Jailwadi during his visit to Sukma district on Saturday. During this he inspected all the barracks, kitchen, store house and office. Sessions Judge Mr. Qureshi went to all the barracks one by one and inquired about the condition of the prisoners. Also took information related to the health of the prisoners and gave instructions to monitor the health of the prisoners from time to time.

Inspection of food grain warehouse

The Sessions Judge inspected the pulses, rice and vegetables kept during the inspection of the food grain store. He also asked to ensure the quality of food served to the prisoners. He inspected the menu register given daily. Along with nutritious food for the prisoners, instructions were given to arrange education, cleanliness and medicine.

Be sensitive to prisoners

Abdul Zahid Qureshi said that the prisoners should be treated keeping in mind the humane approach and remain sensitive towards the prisoners. During this, he also inquired about other facilities being provided to the prisoners. Sukma Chief Judicial Magistrate Santosh Kumar Mahobia, Collector Haris.S and other officers and employees were present during the inspection.

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