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The husband turned out to be a predator: he had doubts about his character… took the wife’s life by hugging her private part with swelling

Balod. The murder of a woman has come to light in Khertha Bazar village of Lohara police station area of ​​Balod district of Chhattisgarh. The accused of murder turned out to be none other than the woman’s husband. The post mortem report has made a chilling revelation. Due to doubt on the character, the predator has found marks of tattooing several times in the wife’s private and delicate parts from the swelling who stitched the sack. Even after this, his mind was not satisfied, so he strangled him to death.

40-year-old Phagnu Ram Prajapati, a resident of village Khertha Bazar, lives with his wife Teejan Bai and children, who run the family as laborers, but have a bad habit of drinking alcohol. When Fagnu used to return to the laborer’s house, he used to doubt the character of his wife. There were often disputes between husband and wife regarding this matter. When Fagnu returned after doing wages on January 16, there was a dispute between the two and he was strangled to death. Someone informed the police that a woman had been murdered in the village. On information, SP Jitendra Yadav formed a special team and rushed towards the incident.

gruesome murder

The police, who reached the spot, first collected evidence and sent the dead body for postmortem after doing panchnama. In the postmortem of the deceased woman Teejan Bai, the doctors told the police that the woman was murdered in a gruesome manner. There are marks of tattooing badly on the private parts from the swollen sack stitched. After this, the woman was strangled to death.

The accused confessed to the crime during strict interrogation

In this action, the police first detained the husband and strictly interrogated him. Then he accepted his crime. The accused told that he doubted the character of his wife, so he killed her. Police registered a case against the accused under section 302 of IPC and arrested him. On being produced in the court, he has been sent to judicial custody.

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