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Sunday, January 22, 2023

The cold started disappearing gradually, the minimum temperature of the state reached close to 11 degrees

Raipur. The cold is gradually disappearing from the state, the minimum temperature of the state has reached close to 11 degrees. Even in Surguja, which is most affected by the cold, the effect has reduced to a great extent and the temperature in Raipur has crossed 17 degrees. After January 25, there is a possibility of return of cold only when the weather changes.

According to the Meteorological Center, the night temperature in Labhandi is going up to 14 degrees, so the effect of cold in the outer has reduced to a great extent. In the city, the night temperature has been recorded above 17 degrees for the last two days, due to which there is no effect of cold here even at night. At present, wind is entering from the south, but due to its low speed, it is not able to cause clouds here and due to the clear sky, the state continued to feel sunny. Like the central and south, the cold has started shrinking in the northern region as well.

In the last 24 hours, the temperature of 10.6 degree Celsius was recorded in Dumarbahar of Jashpur, which was the lowest in the state. Weather experts believe that the weather in the northern region is different, according to which the temperature of 11 degrees is very high there. There is no possibility of any major change in the temperature even in the next 24 hours, but after January 25, there are still possibilities of changing the weather pattern.

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