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The addicted youth created a ruckus over cigarette: The operator of the paan cart was attacked with a sharp weapon, the police reached the spot

Mohd. Hasan-Raipur. Near Budhapara of Chhattisgarh’s capital Raipur, a drug addict youth created a lot of mischief in broad daylight. Actually, the young man attacked the operator of the paan cart with a sharp weapon in a state of intoxication, due to which the operator was injured. The whole matter pertains to the Purani Basti police station area.

According to the information received, the drug addict youth reached Kailashpuri Chowk near Budhapara to buy cigarettes. Meanwhile, he had a dispute with Mahesh Dewangan, the operator of the paan cart. He attacked the handcart operator with a sharp weapon. This caused serious injury to his face. There was a dispute between them for half an hour. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and swung into action.

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