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Technical Locha harassed the farmers: All the farmers are selling their paddy… 37 thousand farmers are staring, Zero showing acreage due to software glitch…

Technical locha harassed the farmers: all the farmers are selling their paddy… 37 thousand farmers are staring, zero showing acreage due to software glitch… - news2news. In

Sandeep Karihar – . The area of ​​2,000 farmers who sold paddy at the support price in the court of Chhattisgarh has become zero due to software glitches. However, the relief news for the farmers is that it is also being continuously improved. At the district level, the date till November 21 has been fixed for its improvement. Talking about the state, the area of ​​37 thousand farmers has become zero. In many procurement centers in the district too, the number of such farmers is in hundreds. The acreage of these farmers is showing zero in the software, while these farmers have taken crops in the fields and have been selling paddy every year, but now the farmers are venting their anger on the committee managers.

In fact, according to the society managers, last year’s registration record has not been integrated and entered in the farmer module software. Due to this, the error is coming out, while the area is showing in the Bhuiya and Society modules. Along with this, all types of crops are being registered in the same software. Because of this, the area of ​​2 thousand farmers of the district has become zero. Now the condition is that farmers will be able to sell paddy only after the acreage improves.

At the same time, Collector Saurabh Kumar has also given time till November 21 to the revenue officials to rectify the error in the entry of farmers registered for paddy purchase. He has said that paddy procurement is the top priority work of the state government. No registered farmer can be denied the right to sell paddy. Their problems should be solved on priority. Therefore, Tehsildar should complete this work first by making the operator sit in front of him. Efforts are being made by NIC officials to rectify this glitch soon. On the other hand, when a farmer has land in two different places, according to the Aadhaar number, the area of ​​the fields has been added to the other village. To fix this, first the area of ​​the village has to be reduced. Only then farmers will be able to sell paddy in other centres.

Try to remove all discrepancies in the coming week

In this regard, Shrikant Chandrakar, Chief Executive Officer of District Cooperative Central Bank Maryadit said that there are 14 paddy purchase committees in Bilaspur district, under which there are 135 paddy procurement centers. Here 1 lakh 27 thousand 907 farmers have been registered to sell paddy. In these, due to technical problems between the two portals, there have been errors. On this, the Collector has given instructions to the Agriculture Department and the Food Department to solve the problem in particular. For this, efforts are being made to remove all the discrepancies within the next one week. Paddy procurement is to be done till December 31, during this period, rectifying the errors, these two thousand farmers will be benefited by purchasing paddy.

Farmers are facing big trouble

At the same time, farmer Vikram Singh said that the acreage was reduced to zero and in the software. Due to this disturbance, the farmers have to go round the paddy procurement centres. Many farmers are facing difficulty in getting paddy token due to joining of their acreage in other villages. Computer operators in the Farmers Committee are calling it a technical glitch. If it is not rectified soon, the farmers will have to face a lot of trouble. At present, due to the delay in paddy harvesting, fewer farmers are reaching the societies. Farmers are facing big problems!

Instructions given to resolve with seriousness and sensitivity

It is worth noting that so far information about disturbances in the area entry of 1928 registered farmers has been revealed in the district, while this year more than 1 lakh 27 thousand farmers have registered themselves to sell paddy. It is being told that the names of these farmers are showing in the registration, but the area under paddy crop is not visible. The area is showing zero. The Collector has asked to resolve these errors with seriousness and sensitivity. Instructions have also been given not to tolerate any laxity in this work. In the last fortnight, 7269 metric tonnes of paddy has been procured in the district. This includes 6273 metric tonnes of thick, 618 metric tonnes of thin and 378 metric tonnes of golden paddy. In the current Kharif season, a target of 5.43 lakh metric tonnes of paddy procurement has been estimated in the district. It may be known that this year 130 purchase centers have been set up in the district for the purchase of paddy. In which a target has been set to purchase 54 lakh quintals of paddy.

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