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Such is the Naxalite terror: Many bursts blew, yet the contractors are not registering FIRs…the attitude of the department is also lax

Naxalites set tendu leaves on fire

Naxalites set tendu leaves on fire

Enishapuri Goswami-Mohalla. Within the last five days in the Mohla-Manpur-Ambagarh Chowki district of Chhattisgarh, the Maoist organization has registered its tremendous presence. At midnight, the tendu leaves collected by the forest dwellers were set on fire. In the incident of arson around Manpur development block, where the police force did not even reach to peep at the spot, the forest officials and Tendupatta contractors are shying away from registering a report against the Naxalites in the police station despite the huge loss caused by the arson incident.

It is worth mentioning that, last Friday night, Naxalites carried out the incident of arson simultaneously in 17 Tendupatta sheds of Dakshin Manpur forest range of Madanwada Sitagaon police station area. Within five days, Naxalites burnt 12 Tendupatta collection centers of Kotri, Nedgaon, Ghotia Samiti in North Manpur forest range. The forest department and the contractor were able to recover from this incident, in the meantime today the third incident of arson was carried out.

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Such is the naxalite terror: many bursts blew, yet the contractors are not registering firs... The attitude of the department is also lax - news2news. In

Till now forest staff and Tendupatta contractor have not got FIR done

Maoists set ablaze four Tendupatta phads of Manpur and Kohka circles late on Tuesday night. After this incident, the condition of the forest department is as if a snake has smelled it. On the other hand, the concerned contractors are also shying away from registering an FIR in the police station. Till now, no complaint has been filed on behalf of the forest staff and tendupatta contractor on this incident. Is it terror or respect for the Naxalite incident… It is difficult to say.

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