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Stirred by the fire: The whole night was spent in darkness, the lives of more than 90 people were in danger… Firemen pulled them out safely.

commotion due to fire

commotion due to fire

Raipur- A sudden fire broke out in a society near Saddu in the capital Raipur in the middle of the night. Due to the fire in the meter panel of the society, the lives of more than 90 people were in danger. However, as soon as the information was received, the fire brigade personnel took everyone out safely after a lot of effort. Children and elderly people were also included in the trapped people, who were having difficulty in breathing. After the fire was extinguished, the residents of the society spent the whole night in darkness. Due to the fierce fire, there is an atmosphere of panic in the society. Along with this, a lot of resentment is being seen among the local residents. It is a matter of relief that two fire tenders reached on time and brought the fire under control. This whole matter is being told of the assembly station area.

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